Human IgY Technology
Yolk Antibody (IgY) against Rotavirus
Yolk Antibody (IgY) against H.pylori
Yolk Antibody (IgY) against Influenza

Animal Diagnostics Technology
One Step Immunochromatographic Assay Technology for In- Vitro Animal Diagnostics
. CDV Rapid Test : 1st in the world
. PRRV Rapid Test (US Patent No. 7.449.296) :1st in the world

Animal Feed Technology
CANIWELL (Canine IgY containing nutrients, minerals and IgY against Distemper, Parvo, Corona, Para Influenza, Hepatitis) : 1st in the world
CANIWELL-GUM (Canine Gum including protection mechanism of animal teeth) : 1st in the world
IMMUNE-GOLD (Bovine IgY) : 1st in the world
IMMUNE-SILVER (Porcine IgY) : 1st in the world

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